Silabeador TIP
Accordance with the Royal Spanish Academy!
Words with prefixes desapoyar !
¡With enclític pronouns mirándolo !
Write a Spanish word for syllabification:

With the TIP Syllable you can separate in syllables Spanish words following the recommendations of the Royal Spanish Academy (RAE). It marks the tonic syllable and detects the hiatus, ditptongos and triptongos. In addition, it informs if the word is oxytone, paroxytone, proparoxytone.

As a novelty, when separating into syllables, the word is also recognized and it detects possible prefixes and enclitic pronouns. If the prefixes are notorious, TIP Syllable follows the recommendation of the Nueva Gramática de la lengua española (2009) [pág. 32, §1.7] and [pág. 673, §10.3b] not to integrate them into other syllables (véase desapoyar).

If the syllable separator does not recognize the word, it will offer alternatives in case some mistake was made in the writing or in the position of the graphic accent.