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13289    53625999567    -345676    13 289    53 625 999 567    -345 676    12.58    45,78997    -47.2

-98,712    3/4    78/125    -3/4    78/-125    2,4E10    5E-3    -2,4E10    -5.23E-3    DLVI    IX    XXXVI

With TIP Numbers you can convert cardinal numbers to letters, ordinal numbers to letters, fractional or partitive numbers to letters, multiplicative numbers to letters, decimal numbers to letters, Roman numerals, collective numbers, number of syllables, name of polygons and polyhedra, ages and born. TIP Numbers offers morphological, orthographic and grammatical information of each of the numbers converted to letters. In addition, examples that help understanding and good use are included.

Write a number without comma or decimal point for the thousands or millions. You can separate the thousands or millions with a blank space. In decimal, you can use a decimal point or a comma. Your can write fractions with the bar. In scientific notation, you can use the letter E without spaces. For Roman numeral, you can write in capital letter all symbols.
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