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Spanish ortographic Speller TIP

Spanish Speller TIP is an online application that retrieves the most-similar words to a given. The result is shown in two lists of words: Similars and Suggestions.

  • Similars displays the words most similar to the one given, and differents from itself, according to the Levenshtein distance.
  • Suggestions shows the words most similar to the one given, including itself, using the Levenshtein distance and the longest common subsequence.

The Levenshtein distance has been modified to consider the vowels with accents on the vowels without accents at a shorter distance than other characters.

The lexical base on which consultations are carried out is about five million Spanish words . The search term may not exist.

In the next example, we search for the word "parato" (not in the base).

Also, this resource can be used by means of a specific url to get the results as an XML document that can be used in any application. There are two URL formats to retrieve the list of similars or the list of suggestions:


Example: /Speller_tip/Suggestions.aspx?palabra=parato

Speller-TIP. Resultado XML

There is also the possibility of directly use the service through its operations. You must add a reference to the service Speller.es.ulpgc.dis.tip

When citing this resource, please use the following reference:

Hernández-Figueroa, Z; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, G; Carreras-Riudavets, F (2012). Speller TIP. Available at https://tulengua.es