Verbs with double conjugation

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Verbs with double conjugation
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Verbs with double conjugation

The verbs that share infinitive and have different conjugation, such as aterrar, asestar, derrocar,... are displayed in a numbered list of possibilities. After selecting each one in the list, the Conjugador TIP shows its meaning in the recognition section, in order to help user identify what is the verb he wants to conjugate. The verbs that have some type of defective, depending on the meaning to be used, apply the same process, such as llover.

When the consulted sources present more than one conjugation model for the same verb (engrosar, repatriar, evacuar, aindiar, ...) a message is displayed in the Recognition section and then the information collected is indicated with one or more notes from the sources consulted. As happens with the defectiveness of some verbs, discrepancies have been found about the conjugation of some verbs in the consulted sources, a feature that we have clearly highlighted with a message. Selecting some of the messages used for these cases, you can access the list of verbs that have the same pattern:

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