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Separator of syllables

The separator of syllables is built as a C++ class, named SeparatorOfSyllables, with the following methods:

  • SeparatorOfSyllables ().- constructor
  • int NumberOfSyllables (const char *).- returns the number of syllables of a word.
  • int * SyllablePositions (const char *).- returns an array of integers with the start positions of every syllables in a word.
  • int StressedSyllable (const char *).- returns the position of the stressed syllable in a Word (first syllable is in position 1).

Adverbs built from an adjective by means of the suffix –mente have two phonic accents: the one of the adjective and the one of the suffix. In this case, StressedSyllable returns the position of the syllable with graphic accent, if any. If the word has not graphic accent, StressedSyllable returns the position of the phonic accent of the suffix.