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The conjugation of verbs in Spanish and their morphology

TIP has developed an innovative Spanish verbs conjugator available in this web that it shows the simple and compound conjugation. The Conjugador TIP doesn’t use rules, but it uses a database of over 14 000 previously conjugated and verified verbs.

For see the conjugation of a verb you must wirte your infinitive into the box and press the Conjugate button. Soon, TIP will include a morphologic tagger to accept as input any conjugated form of a verb of the database, and also tagging enclitic pronouns and/or added prefixes. The names of tenses used match the academic terminology and the established by Andrés Bello in his Grammar of Spanish language for use by the Americans (1847), applied in several Latin American countries. The TIP Conjugator of Spanish verbs presents separately the conjugation of negative forms, pronominal conjugation and conjugation with the female subject, in order to make easier to read the information displayed.

The Conjugador TIP of Spanish verbs presents separately the conjugation of negative forms, the pronominal conjugation and the conjugation with the subject in feminine, in order to make the information shown easier. In addition, the different conjugations have been incorporated, accepted by the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language, corresponding to different geographical areas: the use of vos as the second person of the singular (mainly used in Río de la Plata) and the use of ustedes as second person plural (mainly used in the Canary Islands and in most of Latin America), and the use of forms of respect usted and ustedes.

In order to help to better understand the conjugation by the reader, notes on the morphological and orthographic information of all the irregular verbs are shown. From these notes you can get the list of verbs that meet it. Likewise, other verbs that follow the same conjugation model are shown, being able to obtain all the verbs that are conjugated in that way. The Conjugador TIP includes two more novelties: each verbal form shows its frequency of occurrence in the Corpus of Reference of Current Spanish (CREA) and the forms with enclitic pronouns that appear in said Corpus.

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