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Conjugation models
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The conjugation models

The conjugation models of the verbs facilitate the conjugation of new or unknown verbs by the speaker. Why choose a single infinitive as a model of conjugation of a group of verbs that are conjugated in the same way? If the model must be a reference known by the speaker to facilitate the conjugation of other verbs, it will be better to offer more than one reference in case the initial proposal is also unknown by the speaker. From this point of view, the Conjugador TIP has as models the most frequent verbs in the Corpus of Reference of the Present Spanish (CREA) of each group of verbs that are conjugated in the same way.

To establish the number of groups of verbs that are conjugated the same, the Conjugador TIP establishes that any small morphological, orthographic, simply graphical change or of defectivity in the conjugation of a verb, with respect to the regular conjugation, will give rise to a new model of conjugation, since most of the speakers can feel unpredictable such changes from the general morphological rules of Spanish. Therefore, the concept of irregularity is applied in its broadest interpretation.

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