Conjugation by geographical areas

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Conjugation by geographical areas

Another new features of Conjugador TIP is used to show the different conjugations by Spanish-speaking:

  • Spanish. Traditional conjugation of Spain and America that does not use the vos form.
  • Río de la Plata (voseo). Common conjugation in Argentina, Paraguay, Uruguay and others parts of Central and South America. The Conjugadot TIP uses the alternative conjugation of second person the present indicative pronoun vos instead of and as well as the same person the imperative.
  • Canary Island (ustedes). Common conjugation in Canary Island, South and Central America, and areas of Andalusia. People uses the second person plural ustedes instead of vosotros, which is useful for formal treatment and courtesy. At this regions, the second person plural mutch up with the third person plural.
  • Formal treatment, with respect or common courtesy. In the second person singular and plural is used, respectively, usted and ustedes. These are the forms used for formal treatment, with respect or common courtesy when you address somebody.
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