Text & Information Processing

The members of Text & Information Processing Group (TIP) work to development of researches, tools and applications in the fields of computational linguistic, lexicography, natural language processing, indexation and management of information and knowledge and computer-aided education since 1992. The members of TIP are teachers belonging to System and Computer Department of the Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University.

TIP has a great experience to deal a wide spectrum of computer applications related to the linguistic treatment and educational. The logical way modeling the natural language, from a computational point of view, is one of our mains aims. Our field of research focuses on linguistic corpus, lexical database, electronic dictionaries, semantic Web, language analysis...

Internet enables to linguistic users to change their way of working, allowing accessing to a great number of lexical resources sources. The members of the TIP have been researched at depth on this topic, achieving satisfactory results. They have developed some applications, for the Spanish, useful in computational linguistic and natural language processing: morphologic tagger, verbal conjugation, morphologic inflectioner , Internet search engine with morphologic filters of search, computational system of morphologic management of the Spanish, lexicology station address to Internet, ideological relations management.


Convert numbers to text - Números TIP

Números TIP is an online application that converts a written number with digits to its corresponding text in different areas of interpretation. The conversion is made to its corresponding cardinal, ordinal, fractional, multiplicative and Roman text. Likewise, the text corresponding to different meanings of a numerical series are shown, such as: set, polygon, polyhedron and age. It admits as input numbers, negative numbers, decimals, fractions and exponential scientific notation.


La conjugación de verbos en español y su morfología

Carreras-Riudavets, F. J.; Hernández-Figueroa, Z.; Rodríguez-Rodríguez, G.
Editorial LULU; ISBN 978-1-4466-9009-3; 2010
Number of pages: 615.

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